Au Company
Central Street, San Francisco
Surface Area:
650,000 m2

Today’s carpet is provided in some amazing choices in style, appearance, quality, construction, color, and design. You can now choose a carpet that meets any decorating needs and still fit it into your budget.

Our carpet will provide you with years of beauty and performance. The performance of our carpet can be determined by some several factors:

  • Performance Rating: The performance rating of the carpet will tell if a particular product is suited for the wear expectations of a particular room. Do tell us as we are carpet experts about your room and family lifestyle (kids, pets, etc…)
  • Proper Cushioning: A good cushion (pad) will act as a suspension system and move weight and wear from the carpet to the pad. This will extend the life of the carpet. Tell us about your pad requirements for the correct pad.
  • Construction: Fiber, the density of yarn, yarn twists, etc. will all affect the performance of the carpet. All of these factors will influence the durability of the carpet as well as its look of the carpet.